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Know more on who we are and why we created UXbundle

What is UXbundle?

Hey design folks 👋

UXbundle is a curative platform of design resources that are handpicked and bundled under one roof to access design content with more ease.

Why and who created UXbundle?


I’m Shreeharsha working as a Product Designer & Design Mentor for the past 4 years and in the process I ended up compiling a large set of design resources like blogs, books, youtube channels, plugins, and so on...which I would share with my mentees and fellow designers to accelerate their work and productivity.

When the resources were increasing in number it was challenging to organize them in a document, also I observed my peers facing difficulty in finding proper resources. That’s when I thought of creating a curative platform of design resources that would solve the problem. And it could be easily shared with anyone looking for Design resources.

I then discussed the idea of making content consumption much easier with my design mate Sachin and together we researched the problem area and understood there is desirability for such a platform. That’s how these resources got bundled! 😁🥳

How can UXbundle help you?

Digital design is an ever-growing, fast-paced domain. It's hard and overwhelming for designers to access design content as it is spread all over the internet.

And as Digital Designers we believe we are super busy working in our offices, doing freelance projects, upgrading our portfolios, adding new skill sets, learning new tools and the list just goes on…

Whether you’re a novice designer or a design ninja there’s always something to learn. UXbundle helps you in finding the right resources for your projects all in one place. Now you need not stumble upon a lot of websites and spend a lot of time looking for design content like Articles, Videos, Podcasts, Tools, etc., we’ve got it all covered.

And we are very excited 🥳 🎉 to have released our β version of the project and will require your continuous love and support.

We hope you 👍/❤️ it!

Tools 🛠 we’ve used to design & build UXbundle

It all started with pencil and paper 📝 to jot down our initial research and brainstorming 🧠

Project Management
Remote Research
Wireframing & UI Design
Google Sheets
Data Management
Google Drive
Data Storage
Amazon S3
Object Storage
No-code Dev

And a big shout out 🗣 to Joe Kurg (Finsweet team) for creating sweet<js></js> which is powering our dynamic filtering system.

Feedback ✍️

We are happy to hear from you and would love your valuable feedback which helps us improve the experience of the site. Feel free to talk to us at

Disclaimer ❣️

We have only curated all of these amazing resources in one place to help designers and all credit for the content goes to its respective owners.

Keep designing
Stay humble